Finnex Refugium Aquarium Sump LED High Powered Chaeto Grow Light

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Part Number:RL-12
The Finnex Refugium Plus 12 Inch LED fixture features a series of refugium-specific LEDs to promote high efficient and effective chaeto and plant growth. Utilizing a 3: 1 series of TRUE 660nm Deep Red and 460nm Blue LEDs respectively, the combination utilizes a spectrum most ideal for plant growth and refugium purposes as the combination maximizes chlorophyll A and B production. The featured wavelength allows full absorption for refugium purposes and omits the wasteful energy and light that standard lighting produces. The LEDs feature a moisture-resistant conformal coating to assist in the prevention of moisture damage that sump environments are common to. Built out of durable single cast silver aluminum, the fixture also features two toggle switches allowing users to utilize half the fixture, or increase light output by using the fixture at max. Using the included legs, the 12" Finnex Refugium Plus can extend up to 16" aquariums or sumps.

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