KL Replacement IR Board +Endcap & Sensor

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Part Number:1P-R075
Replacement IR board, endcap, and sensor for the Finnex KL LED Fixture (Non-controllable version).  This is an OEM board with the same conformal moisture-resistant coating.  If your fixture is flashing, shows sign of heavy water damage near the endcap, or not responding to your remote's commands, you may need a replacement IR board.

To determine if the IR board on your LED fixture is needing to be replaced:

1. Test the power supply:  Using a multimeter, ensure the output voltage is reading 15VDC.  If reading 15VDC, your IR board may be faulty.
2. Test the remote:  Change the batteries within the remote to new ones.  Using your phones camera, press any button on the remote directed at your phone's camera lens.  On android phones, with each press you should see a pink flash with every press.  With Apple phones, with each press you should see a white flash.  If no flashing is present, you may need to replace the remote.  If flashing is present and your light fixture still does not register your remotes commands, you may need to replace your fixtures IR board.  

Note:  Soldering skills are required to replace this part.  For additional questions and support, contact Finnex directly at [email protected]  This item is for the IR board, endcap, and sensor only.  2nd photo is for reference only.

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